Thoughts on Fujifilm X-T1

Fujifilm has finally announced their new X-camera with the X-T1.

For those considering switching into the Fuji system, this might be that compelling camera. I've been using the X-Pro1 since launch and will not be upgrading to this. It's seriously tempting but I'm waiting for that significant image quality improvement.

Here are some quick thoughts about it from what I've read and seen.

Since it uses the same X-E2 sensor, image quality is going to be brilliant. Fujifilm jpeg is insanely good. If you're the type that don't want to waste time post-processing, well, this is the camera for you, as are all the X-cameras from Fujifilm.

The top plate now has dials for ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, drive mode and metering controls. All the important shooting parameters can be changed now without going into the menus. This saves significant time.

When shooting with manual mode, now you can use the ISO dial to go through the ISO that's right for the situation. Automatic ISO settings for manual mode does not make a manual mode.

They are still using the NP-W126 battery across their X-cameras. It's not very lasting battery but you can reuse the batteries from other cameras. I hate it whenever companies introduce new batteries and you always have to buy spares. With Fuji's X cameras, you can reuse your spare batteries. No battery innovation is going to double capacity compared to a spare battery.

Even the extra battery grip uses the NP-W126 battery. Bravo.

The big 0.77 magnification EVF is obviously a huge plus. I've a GH3 also and that EVF is miserable, worse than GH2. X-Pro1's EVF is nice but the refresh rate is slow. Hopefully the advertised lag time of 0.005 seconds means that WYSIWYG when the shutter is pressed. My biggest peeve is the lag. E.g. When you see in the EVF that someone is walking left foot front and hit the shutter, the picture you get is the right foot forward. Fail. So seriously, if Fujifilm nails the responsiveness of the system, this will be fantastic.

The EVF hump. Well, left eye users should be able to use this with relative ease.

Face detection mode is a godsend. When you pass the camera to your friend to shoot, you do not want a photo that focuses on the background and not the face. For the X-Pro1, I had to turn the aperture to f/8 when passing the camera to someone to shoot, just to make sure everything is in focus, relatively speaking.

The weight is 440g which is alright.

Dpreview says there is no direct way to move the AF point. Yeah. I like that so that you don't move your AF point by mistake, and have to look through the EVF to see where your AF point is. The way I shoot: For discrete shots, frame the photo in my mind, press the down button to get into AF mode, hit the centre button to reset the AF point to the centre, then move the AF point into position, all these without looking into the EVF.

So seriously, this is a camera you can use without ever wasting your time in the menus. Timing is crucial especially for reportage work, and you need that shot by the time the camera reaches your eye. It is precisely because of the lag of responsiveness of the X-Pro1 that I cannot bring it out for reportage work.

The release date seems to be March 7 on Amazon. They have already put up the pre-order pages for the Fujifilm X-T1 body and Fujifilm X-T1 + 18-55mm lens

I hope the X-Pro2 comes with this awesome EVF.

More photos

I don't know. I think the case looks ugly with the camera.

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