Fujifilm X-T1 teaser

Looks like the upcoming Fujifilm X-T1 is going to have a top plate that has dial for ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation.

That's excellent. Now you really don't have to use menus to change settings relating to exposure.

I read a comment saying that you can't still can't change settings in the dark. You can. What I typically do is to reset the dial back to start, and then count the clicks to the setting I want. If you have been shooting long enough, you don't even need to count.

This should also silence those who think that the manual way of setting aperture and shutter speed but want that auto ISO. It's not manual mode when you have an auto ISO.

Translated in real life usage, it means you can be shooting at night, and you want to capture the correct exposure with aperture and shutter speed already set, you can dial through the ISO easily to match what you see, and not what the camera thinks you want to see.

It's not on my buying list though. I'm waiting for a significant improvement in image quality.

Source: fujifilm-x.com

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