X-Pro1 23mm and X100 side by side

I sold my X100 many months ago. Yesterday, I bought another one. I just like it too much.

Here are some comparison photos of the X100 and the new Fujifilm 23mm f/1.4 + X-Pro1.

Why the X100 and not the X100s?

The X100s has a new 16MP sensor but seriously, I don't see much difference in image quality. Maybe at high ISO, X100s is better, but that's just about it. The X100 with firmware 2 is almost as fast as the X100s.

I see that the price for X100 used has dropped significantly, this is actually the camera people should buy to get their money's worth. There are people selling it for as low as SGD$600 (~US$500). It's a terrific deal for the money. It takes beautiful pictures then, and it takes beautiful pictures now.

Why get X100 when I already have the 23mm f/1.4 lens? It's small, silent and black.

I'll probably not sell this camera again unless the rumoured fullframe X200 becomes a reality. That would be a smash hit.

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