Review: Velbon RUP-43 4-Section Monopod

Velbon Sherpa RUP-L43 Monopod

Specs at a glance:
  • 4-section monopod
  • Comes with tilting head with screw for camera
  • Weighs 0.95 pounds (430g)
  • Double-grooved leg and flip-lever leg locks
  • Foam hand grip and braided nylon wrist strap
  • Height is from 21.2 to 64.5 inches (53.8 - 163.83cm)

Velbon makes some pretty good monopods.

The RUP-43 monopod is well built. The weight is 430g so it could be lighter but it has a good sturdy feel to the whole construction. There's a rubber foam grip that feels good on the hand.

The height extends from 53-163cm which is good but I wished it was higher. Well, I'm 1.8m tall. The minimal height is a bit tall.

The best thing about this monopod is the tilting head. With that, you can, obviously, tilt the camera on it. Monopods without that head (e.g. Velbon M40) locks the camera into one viewing angle and can be quite inconvenient at times.

The ball clamp and adjuster are metal and can hold most cameras. But I would recommend mounting APSC cameras or smaller — mirrorless and point & shoot cameras work nicely with this monopod. The mount goes only forward and backwards, useful with you need to shoot upwards or downloads.

The locks on the leg are hard plastic and can lock tightly. They slide smooth enough. You can extend and keep it fast.

This monopod helps tremendously for still photos to reduce problems with hand shake, or shooting at night just to achieve a faster shutter speed. For video, you will still get that panning shake depending on your handheld technique.

The RUP-43 monopod is a great monopod. It's good value for money, especially when it seems so durable.

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