Review: Dolica WT-1003 67-Inch Lightweight Monopod

Looking for an inexpensive monopod? This Dolica is as good as it gets for the dollar.

First, some specs at a glance:
  • 21.3 - 67 inches (54-170cm)
  • 362g
  • Maximum load: 3kg?
  • 4 leg sections
  • Aluminium alloy build

This is one tall monopod. It stands at a maximum height of 170cm.

It's a simple build with locking latches on the leg. There's a nice rubber foam grip.

I recommend using smaller APSC camera, mirrorless or point and shoots on this tripod. The maximum load is stated to be 3 kg, but I think that's crazy. You don't want your lens to smash to the floor.

The thumb locking latches work well. Quick to open and close. Locks tight.

It has a feet that's interchangeable tips. Metal is good for hard surfaces, and plastic for soft surfaces and to protect against scratches on the floor.

The head is the free wheeling type. Turning the collar does nothing. You have to rotate the monopod. I've read reviews where people's screw comes off from turning it too tight in the wrong manner. To go around that problem, get a separate mounting head for the camera. I recommend the Glattos mini ball head mount which is good for small to medium cameras. The tilt head will be useful for shooting at angles.

For shooting video, go with a tilt head. Check out the Manfrotto 234 Monopod Tilt Head. For stills, just go for the simple ball head will do.

Yep. It's a good tripod that's worth the money. Don't strain it too much and it will serve you well.

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